Market :Demands and needs.


Location: 6386 Del Cerro, San Diego Ca.

I went to my local market where I frequent for goods. Being a Sunday the producer manager was off. However I spoke with several of my favorable most knowledgeable checkers.

Produce Manager: Michael (619-287-1400)

Highest Priced: Clambshell Strawberries: $5.99 lb.

-White Peaches: $2.89lb

Organics in demand: Bananas($1.09) and apples ($2.00-3.00lb)

Organic products: 51

Organics: 10%

Living Herbs: (Basil) One count $1.89





How Much Local: Mostly Ca.

Sprouts, avocados, and some organic greens. 1-2%

NEEDED Organics: Garlic, elephant toe. ( Garlic on hand from Argentina and China)

3 large Organic cloves 6.45$

None local.

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