Greenhouse Herb Production.

Greenhouse herb production: There are some productions that are unfeasible.You can’t compete with Wal-Mart. Stay small, or go big.

Increase: Organic herbs fetch 4-10x more then conventional herbs. 33% more.

Most popular herbs in US:








Preferred temps for Herbs:

Day: 70-75%

Night: 60F (Anything lower and plants metabolic rate slow and leaf death)

Light: Best to maximize lights in Winter to early spring. Dec-April.

Growth: Most herbs take 6-10 weeks.

Production scheduling: What species to grow, how much space, seed cuttings. How long to sell produce.

IPM: Integrated Pest management. Optimize pest control in an economically and ecology sound way.

Disease management:

1- Minimize leaf wetness

2-Good air circulation

3-Remove sick plants immediately.

4-Rotate plant families in ‘beds’

5-Use only stock for propagation

6-Clean equipment

7-Pasterize or sterilize growing medium.

8-Control insects that vector disease

9-Don’t crowd your plants

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