Plugs and Transplants

Plugs: Can be purchased


-Ready to transplant

-Plug with media only.

Weigh the cost of producing plug in house, or purchasing.

Plug Considerations:

How much space will you need.

How Much heat, how many in tray.

What will they be transplanted into?


Light supplemental (t-5)

Pest management.

Seeds are gemrninated in multi-cell plastic trays known as : flats, inserts or cells.

Avg range of cells 50-800








Foilier feeding:

Stimulates hormones

Spraying nutes to leaves directly.

Increase in quality and quantity.

Plant recovery.

Nutrients for Seedlings:

Nitrogen, sea ‘meal’ or bio green.

Common mistakes: Over watering of plugs and crowding.

Day/Night temps: Leaf death, stress node stretching, hermaphrodite.

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