Sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture: Responsible farming through the use of organics. Hydroponics, Local market and Organic, bio-dynamic cultivating.

Three reasons sustainable agriculture is becoming more common:
1- Cost of food. ( Change in weather, less rain more drain. cost to ship fuel)
2-Declining resources, petroleum, i.e fuel. and land.
3- Soil protection/ environmental.
5 Concepts in sustainable AG used to build soil:
1- Use of organic fertilizers.
2- Use of natural wind breaks.
3-Fert. based on soil testing.
4-Minimize or eliminate tillage.
5-Maintain cover crops.

Buffer zones: Between water sources and irrigated fields:
Protects Natural H2o sources, prevents H2o/ fert run off.
Provide beneficial predators a home.
Slows erosion.
Adds wind breaks.
The bottom line for all farms and business is to make profit.

Organic production:
Organic AG is the use of ‘natural products’ with out the interference of synthetics or pesticides from soil to leaf.

The NOP: National Organic Program. State run certifies for conforming of organic standards and management of farms. They are regulated by the USDA. (NOP is more like the UCMJ, a set of guidelines for a third party to reference)
The 6 principles of organic production:
1-Bio diversity( Not mono cropping, multiple variates of plants and species)
4-Natural plant nutrition
5-Natural pest mg-mt. ( Lady bugs, praying mantis, lace wings, nematode eaters)
6-Integrity-(Keeping your equipment clean making sure your seed source is really organic and non GMO)
Cover crops: Helps prevent erosion, replaces lost nutes from previous season. “Green-manure.” Prevents soil loss.
Biological pest control: Natural pest predators: frogs, lizards, birds, Mantis, lady bugs.
Mulching: Helps return lost nitrogen into soil. Holds moisture, kills unwanted plants adds bulk to soil.

Conventional seed stock: Can only be used if stock grower is looking for can not be found organic, they grow the plant for one single year, ( as organic) seeds from next season can be used as organic.

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