Purpose of irrigation: Feeding and watering the crops root zone.

‘Refilling the root zone’

Surface irrigation: Furrows, border strips.

-Siphon Tubes: Supply has to be higher then your crop.

-Gated pipe

–Valve opens to let water in furrows

–uses dissipate socks to reduce erosion.

-Distributor gate.

Distribution Uniformity

-Measure of how uniform the water is distributed throughout a field.

-Always less than 1.00

-Always a decimal value

-o.70 is a typical DU.

Poor uniformity is when h20 is not evenly irrigated through out the field.


-Measure of H20 beneficially used in the root zone compared to the water applied.

Efficient irrigation is h20 evenly and used. Too much irrigation causes percolation, and you are wasting water.

Strategy for surface Irrigation:

-Similar opportunity times- Watering evenly at the best times.

-Group of different soils

-Develop strategy for knowing depth infiltrated.

Sloping Furrow Irrigation Event:

Opportunity Time:

Sprinkler Types:

-Center Pivot:

Anchored and spins in a circle.

-Circular Fields

-high application rates

-good on sands ( high filtration rates)

-run off problems at outer edges

-High evaporation rates.

-Linear Move:

Same idea as center pivot, but

moves in a single line.

-2000-2500 gallons a min.

Don’t work so well on land not square or in straight lines.

-Permanent underground:

-used on permanent crops

-irrigation and frost protection.

-Hand Move:

-need to use alternate sets

-reasonably close spacing needed for lateral move.

-Over head Tree sprinkler

-Side Rolls/ wheel lines:

-used on hay and small grains

-either moves continuously or is moves between sets.

-Big Guns:

-High gpm

-Drip:Requires heavy filtering, improved management

different scheduling stratagey

1300-2000$ per acre.

Drip/ trickler


Micro spray

Subsurface drip (tape)

Sand Media Tank filters:

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