SD City Heigths Farmers Market.

City Heigths Farmers Market.

Fresh Mustard lettuce, Dino-Kale and spinach line our tables with fresh picked produce.

Week one: We’ve had a very warm welcome into the community. (even though we squeezed in right at 0900)Taking on a booth at a farmers market is no easy task. First week all we had was our shade cover, two nice tables, a cloth and hand written signs to go with our fresh picked produce.

We did pretty well. Sold out our spinach, the lettuce and herbs. I think folks are wary of the word Organic, and being the new guy we had a lot of folks smacking their heads at missing us the first round of their shopping.

“Next week! I’m coming here first!”

Second week we had a nice table cloth, some baskets and even more avocados. We had softies for .50cents which shocked most.

“50 cents?”

“Yes…they’re fantastic, buttery and ready to be eaten today…I can’t eat them all, so please take some home!”

When folks came back after week one they couldn’t stop the barrage of excitement one tasty organic avocado offered them! I guess they REALLY liked them.

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