Doc’s Dae’go Fuego South-West potatoes.

I’m currently making potatoes for my lunch. And I’m calling them Doc’s Dae’go Fuego South West potatoes.
Yes… that is an extraordinarily long name for some simple poo’farmer kitchen recipe.

I grew up with parents cooking most if not all our meals, save the ones we kids made ourselves. It was CHEAPER to cook from scratch, but considerably more time consuming. But with my dad at home, he had time on his hands, and food was a priority. Me, a sister and the black hole that is my brother demanded full rounded meals.

So my potatoes are for one of those days where you’re broke, have no gas and little selection in sustenance ( being away from the farm) You have to get creative.

The Fuego Potatoes as I have named them are just this.

Yummy red and white potatoes sliced a little thick in a pan with a olive, canola grape oil mix.( A cast iron is BEST)

A red Cherry bomb Padron.*


1/2 cup blue lake bush beans*

1/2 Giant heirloom tomato,*

4-5 gms of finely chopped rosemary* and sizzle.

Dash of sea salt and pepper to taste

Cook till a nice brown and eat.

Takes about 20 Minutes to cook to best crunch.

Then slice an avocado* on top.


*Food from the farm.

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