My Letter…

My Patriot Supply
My Patriot Supply


Thank you for offering such a great variety of seeds. I’ve been on a hunting and gathering mission for clean, quality Organic seeds for sometime.

I’ve been growing food and plants for nearly 30 years on and off through out my life. In 2010 I went through an Agricultral school to help veterans get back on their feet. Through that school I created a business plan and started my small Urban Farm in the back yard of my boyfriend’s extremely patient and loving parents.

That spring we took our seedlings to a 16 acre Organic Avocado farm up in Valley center. There from April to Sept we tended our half acre successfully growing over 50 lbs of tomatoes, hundreds of peppers, thousands heads of lettuce and baskets of cucumbers, zucchinis and corn.

We are now in City Heights San Diego, CA.

We’re in the admits of converting the property over looking beautiful South East San Diego in to our Neighbor hoods first Urban Homestead.

I had started my seed bank, half of them are second generation seeds we collected from our Farm we Share Cropped.

The rest have been what I can find though out the world and internet.

I am pleased to have discovered your seeds and company.

Thank you for offering clean seeds from fellow patriots. Americans from all walks, jogs, trots and gallops of life; focusing on one common crop.

A self sufficent, sustainable green Nation we can humbly and proudly leave to our children.

Thank you for making it one more step possible to a daring ideal.


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