Cats in the garden with the silver spade…

pooping catThe sun is rising, sweet dew sits on the leaves of fresh green plants. Lady bugs yawn and stretch to begin their day, and warm rays touch your face as you place your hands in  soft earth.

Toiling through the Mother’s black gold you begin to whistle, drawing back the curtain of life, pulling weeds sprouting in the shade of your peppers…you feel something squishy, not quite…


Quickly you fling the offending clump through the air and drag your hands through the soil only to find another precious little nugget!

“I don’t even OWN a cat” you grumble and you start flinging more turds from your sanctuary. With frustration growing along side that pungent smell you start to look for the guilty culprit.Small-cat-in-the-garden-wallpaper_6810

I’ve been here and its nasty, gross and just plane o’l dirty. That spongy cat poo squished between your digits…

Thankfully having two large dogs seems to slow down the potty violations in my growing areas, but recently I’ve been getting the panicked messages from friends far and wide begging me for advice on how to deter that  darn cat from taking a fat deuce on their rub-barb.

Helichrysum italicum800px-Helichrysum_italicum_(immortelle)

This plant has been used for thousands years as an  anti-inflammatory, oils for chapped skin and astringents. But it is also known as the “scarey’d cat.” A strong scented curry with ‘pointy’ leaves and stems deter cats from coming near. The scent alone is said to be potent enough to turn up the nose of the most refined feline.I’ve tried pepper, hot peeper ( I felt like I wasted perfectly good spices) fencing and ‘paw spikes’.

To me ‘Paw spikes’ is a humane way of keeping these critters from crapping on your cabbage. It’s chicken wire laid on it’s side and cut with it poking through the soil. Or my favorite, rose stem cuttings places like halberds through out your garden. They Won’t hurt the cat, but will make it completely unrewarding poop and they should avoid the area.

Noise and movement is another way if you can afford the motion sensor and an alarm.

Good luck!~

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