D.A.V and Archi’s Acres

best picVSAT-NEWIn the fall of 2011, I attended the 6 week Farming course for Veterans and transitioning military ( Though we did have one civilian from Hawaii) at Archi’s Acres in beautiful Valley center, CA with the gracious assistance of the D.A.V.

The education and training I received from Archi’s Acres helped mulch a bed of motivation and a path of purpose by redirecting my roots to a peaceful life long passion. Farming.
From March to October of 2012 I helped maintain a 17 acre Organic Avocado Orchard in Valley Center, CA. My partner and I, (along with amazing friends) share cropped an acre of black gold organic land. During my time on that farm I used lessons learned from the AA like: proper irrigation and farming business.
While living on the farm 6 days a week I ran a successful independent farm booth “Doc’s Urban Organics” at two farmers markets in San Diego County. UC @ San Marcos, and City heights.
Currently I am raising the barn on my own farm In City Heights San Diego. I have 3000 sq feet of land in an incredible micro climate and a rocking green house my team built last fall. We are running 4×8 trays, buckets, hydro-soil bag farming and aqua-ponics. I  maintain a 300 gal tank of fresh water reserve with a capacity of 1000 gallons on site.
Last winter I collected only 10% of my total collectible rain water. But I still collected nearly a 1000 gals. Which I used to water my farm, and my Talapia. We have four hens, one is laying and the three are, learning the ropes of egg sitting and the finer points of mulching my 100 gallon worm bins.
While maintaining my small growing farm I also care for my Octogenarian Grandparents 3-4 times a week.
I would recommend Archi’s Acres to any Soldier, Sailor or Airmen truly interested in changing the world of agriculture and making a difference in the lives of Americans in their community.
Again I would like to thank the D.A.V for their sponsorship, and their continuing support of our returning military.
Charity ‘Doc’ Grable.

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