Flu shots, the ugly truth.


I’ll give you the short of it.

Sanitation is the leading cause for a successful healthy population.

Access to clean water, GMO free foods, hot and cold showers, the ability to store produce and meats has done more for civilization than any lab manufactured virus.

Walking dead 2013.
Walking dead 2013.

1: Wash you hands with SOAP and water.(Don’t touch anything wet or sticky on the body…eyes ears..etc until hands are clean)

2: Keep your immune system boosted. Get plenty of rest, clean water and food. Use colloidal silver. The body heals when we sleep. (Vaccines lower the immune system and cause havoc in ALL quarters of the body and have ZERO guarantee to be effective)

3: Don’t get a Flu shot.

(If you are forced into it by your job, and loss of it is NOT an option, you will need to crank up the vitamin D, rest, water and immune system. You should start taking Zinc 2-3 days BEFORE your impending shot. If all else, consider the company you work for and examine closely how your ethics, life and ideals match theirs.)

There you have it folks.

Flu prego

Pregnant ladies, don’t be fooled in to a Flu shot…much less any vaccine.

Research immunity, miscarriage and vaccines.

I currently have a very well educated and decorated friend with a PHD in Micro Biological sciences with a focus in immunological and embryonic reactions to vaccines. And she says it doesn’t look good for prego’s, likely hood of miscarriage increase when the body reacts negatively with the immune system, creating a hypersensitivity reaction,leading to miscarriage.


Get educated, get smart.

Still not convinced?

Read up on the manufacturing process and inserts for yourself.


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