Change our minds, change our planet.


The human mind is an amazing thing, but often our urbanized lives shut its most basic components down to a sad state of survival, forcing us to rely on simple thoughts and mundane ideas about the world around us. Our own science demoralizes the power of its creativity by succumbing it to firing neurons and simple reflections of our daily interactions.

It is not our nature to explain the mystical and magical away, but a learned trait. Something indoctrinated in us all at a young age. It doesn’t matter if we use psychoactive plants to open our mind to the truth of our delicate planets state, or through daily meditations, prayer,painting,music,musing or poetry; it is important that we shift our egos to a group consciousness of protection and relation.

Only coming to mind, and bringing the ancient rites to our daily patterns will we find the place for our long term resistance of extinction.

Without  hope, we are nothing but a planet on the verge of total species destruction, plant, animal and mineral.

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