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Hpuse 045.JPGI’m a NERD for food justice.”Doc (that’s me) was a Hospital Corpsman who after 7 years in the military and 8 years in corporate medicine decided it was time to find my roots after the world overturned my ‘garden’

DSCN4537I’m somewhat strict, a bit ‘funny’ as some would say when it comes to my food. I’m protective about what I put in my body, and yes…some days would rather starve then fill my temple with sin.”

I’m not alone in my thinking, as strange as many would view it.

For years in the military, I suffered a cohort of respiratory health issues that spawned (or spored) while I was aboard an aircraft carrier. I was a vegetarian struggling to breathe and survive. In Feb of 2002, I was sent to Iraq with a forward deployed Hospital Ship. After seeing what I saw what war did to our people and theirs, I left the Navy. I was a mess, physically and mentally.”


Like many others on a similar path, I went the traditional route, saw MDs and specialist who all shrugged their shoulders and offered me thick pads of prescriptions with the ink still wet, and no more answers to the chronic problems I was still facing.

In 2008 ( five years after my military separation) I started doing my own homework and research. I met an amazing acupuncturist at Bastyr. I had the foresight to do food allergy testing and some pretty basic but ‘specialized’ blood test.

‘Doc Grable’ USNS MERCY

When the labs came back, I read over them eagerly like some teen drooling over the newest sloppy vampire romance.

I was horrified to find out I was the source of my own problem. I was 100% responsible for my health issues. It was what I was eating!

Most of what I ate…was messing me up!

Slowly I started to convert my lifestyle to that of a Dietary Vegan.

Over a period of a year, I lost a substantial amount of weight I had put on after leaving the military ( stress and depression will do terrible things to the human body). For the first time in 10 years, I didn’t have to use an inhaler…at all.

The breathing got easy, the weight slipped off and I filled my belly with the freshest healthiest natural, and organic food I could consume.

At this time in 2009, the economy took a slip to the south and food prices climbed steadily and slowly without a drop in price anywhere on the horizon I started looking even closer at my food. I expanded my small 6×2 plot in the back of my tiny condo in the Northwest. I wanted to save money and make myself healthy.

So I started doing what I had always done naturally. I grew food.

Broccoli, tomatoes, peas, and basil were my staples.

When I left WA in 2010 I expanded my growing to my Grandparents backyard. Coming from a long line of farmers it wasn’t hard to convince them to let me turn it into a foodies paradise.

I grew tomatoes, peppers, romaine lettuce, peas, onions, basil, a multitude of herbs, lavender thyme and oregano included. Potatoes and even cloned a pomegranate tree.


These are steps to enlighten me, my family, the community, my country and the world about the essentials of FRESH, CLEAN, ORGANIC FOOD! Having clean food opened up my mind and healed me after life handed me some devastating blows. Without being in the right mind and right body I don’t think I would have survived the way I have. Eating right changes more than your body, it changes your mind.

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