Bio Dynamic Farming

Bio-Dynamic, deep bed,no-till farming is a holistic-spiritual, environmental, social, economical impactful way to farm.

Rudolf Steiner influenced the field.

-Biological- organic farming


Steiners 9 bio-dynamic preparations enhance soil quality and stimulate plant life.

BD500- ‘Horn Composting’

Cow manure is packed into cow horns and placed into the earth for six months in order to break down. Cow horn is used because it’s high in silica.


Understanding Compost construction:

-Aerated Static Pile ( ASP)

-Used to decrease composting time. Air is pushed along the bottom of the compost pile via corrugated tubing also known as a “French drain’.

BD Compost produce: Higher soil micros

More diverse soil

Greater natural flora.

Microbial inoculation

Soil in compost

mineralized Compost.

-Addition of rock powders. ( Green seed, granite dust)


Break down phase:

-Decomposition of organic materials

Proteins are broken down into amino acids. amines, then ammonia, nitrites and free nitrogen.

Carbon dioxide ( aerobic) and methane ( anerobic)


– Simple compounds re-synthesized into complex humus substances.


-Test for biological and chemical content.


-Cover Crop:

-Dynamic accumulation of soil nutrients

Nematode control

Soil loosening

Soil building, soil protection and nitrogen fixation

EXAMPLES:Green crops: Phacelia, rapeseed, mustard, rye, vetch. -Crops are grown to be tilled as ‘manure’.

LIQUID MANURE snf Herbal Teas

-Herbal, compost and liquid manure.

-Fermented plant extract with fish or sea weed extracrs

Dual rRole; Bilogical and Dynamic

Source of soluble plant nutrients

Stimulates plant grown

Disease suppression

Multi Purpose: Plant tonic, bio stimulant, imune building.

TEAS: Horsetail tea.

Stinging nettle tea

Chamomile tea

Comfrey tea.

Check BD Farming & Gardening Assn.


PLanetary Influences: Lunar and Astrlogical Cycles play a role in BD practices:




Community Supported Agricultre.

CSA; Small scale farmers banded together to support economic viability

Weekly Boxes or bags are put togther for members or subscribers who pledege to buy a portion of the farms crop for the season


Bee Wise is example of Highly successful CSA.

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