CSA up and running!

Welcome to the newest CSA in Southern Colorado. Located in the San Luis Valley @ 8500 feet just south of a little hamlet called Fort Garland. I'm growing clean, organic food the way nature intended it outside seasonally and over the crazy winters in a massive geodome. If you would like to join the CSA... Continue Reading →

Chicken or the egg?

Organic white rice and a dozen eggs with dill and magnesium. I started making this recipe during the fires this year. I wasn't able to leave the property for almost nine days and was getting low on poultry feed.( Always have at least two months on hand.) So I did some online research and made... Continue Reading →

What is a Veteran?

"Service doesn't end when we hang up our uniform. It ends when we hang up our boots and walk across the threshold of heaven." I've often asked myself this question while on my own journey to figure out. "Who the Hell I am!? And what do I do now?" A veteran, according to the web:... Continue Reading →

Reign of Spring

It has been a dry year here in the SLV. This winter we had less than a foot of snow all winter at the ranch. It has been windy too up wards to 75mph ! The chickens were not keen on the blast, nor the horses. Being Short on water is a historical issue here... Continue Reading →

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