Preparing for a Colorado Spring.

It is spring in Southern Colorado, the mountain blue birds have returned with their wives, the Crow murders are flying East to their spring nests in the high Meadowlands , the elk have come down the mountain to nibble the grasses coming up against the lingering snow and frost. Small herd of Elk in the... Continue Reading →

The Reading Farmer.

The Farmers Library An old timer is keeping up the torch on sustainable, earth friendly farming by opening up his vast personal library to others. He's been farming organically since the 70s and has watched it all change. Creator of Friends of Trees, master arborist and farmer. #sustainablefarming #organicfarms

Edger announces food.

Sounds around the barn yard. This is Edger my Brahman Rooster announcing breakfast. He always lets them eat first after first checking it out for quality control.

The Cost of Egg production.

The average cost for organic pasture- raised- free-range dozen chicken eggs are 4.99-12.99$ Nationally. It is a real surprise when you start looking through your grocery stores egg selection. You have everything from a 36 pack of full factory chicken eggs at 2.99$ yes it's cheap, it's even subsidized by the US department of AG.... Continue Reading →

Understanding PTSD & relapse through equids

Understanding PTSD in humans has been a field of study for over 50 years. It was once called "shell shock" or "trench syndrome". Now the same thing that plagued my grandfather and myself is being understood through healing horses. Equids & conditioned fear Horses have the ability to heal humans, dogs anything with emotional trauma.... Continue Reading →

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