Living with Chickens 2013…

I over heard a woman at the Farmers market say..."Chickens, they're a gateway animal to farm life!" I started raising Chickens  in the Spring of 2013. I moved and had to start over...building my second coop.

D.A.V and Archi’s Acres

In the fall of 2011, I attended the 6 week Farming course for Veterans and transitioning military ( Though we did have one civilian from Hawaii) at Archi's Acres in beautiful Valley center, CA with the gracious assistance of the D.A.V. The education and training I received from Archi's Acres helped mulch a bed of motivation and a path of... Continue Reading →

California Farm Link

California Farm Link: Facilitate Farm Transfers leases and Purchase. California farmers 65 and older out number farmers under 35 -9:1 ( 2007 ag census) Conserve farmland: In California about 50,000 acres of good farming land are paved over annually. Small Farms increasing: in 2007 1-9 acres 25,200 farms 10-49 acres 25,200 farms. More people are... Continue Reading →

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