Tip of the Day: Hardening off.

Now that your seeds have stuck their little heads up out of the soil, stretched and now are showing signs of true leaves. What do you do now? Before you rip off you Hema-dome and throw you green children to the harsh weather, give them a chance to get used to it first. This is... Continue Reading →

Plugs and Transplants

Plugs: Can be purchased -Pre-seeded -Ready to transplant -Plug with media only. Weigh the cost of producing plug in house, or purchasing. Plug Considerations: How much space will you need. How Much heat, how many in tray. What will they be transplanted into? Nutrition Light supplemental (t-5) Pest management. Seeds are gemrninated in multi-cell plastic... Continue Reading →

The ‘Sexual’ Flower

'A' Sexual: Plants that can grow from 'cuttings' or 'cloning' with out male or female flowers. Only 1 parent. -Advantages of 'A' Sexual propagation. Clone of parent plant. Types: Vegetative Spores Cell division in single cell living organism. TYPES of A Sexual Propagation. Runners- Bulbs- Budding- Cuttings-Most common method of vegetative reproduction. Grafting- -Air layering'... Continue Reading →

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