About our Honey

Cuchara Mountain Park Fall festival display.

The delicious nectar of the Gods here at WCR is currently sourced from a multi generational master bee keepers private apiary in Manassa, CO on over 40 acres of traditionally watered grass and hay fields.

They are a USDA licensed operation that uses humane bee keeping tactics, allowing the Queen to move freely and through out the colony. Letting them live and flourish, sharing the abundance of their success.

WCR is fortunate to be able to share what started out as a food staple with the rest of our community and neighbors.

Why don’t we sell bulk? The world is short of bees and honey. A natural cure to many ailments and allergies and we want to make sure there is enough to go around.

First Hive on the ranch. Queen 👑 of the storm born rules here.

We installed our first package of bees here at the ranch back in May 2020 with great success. We are adding more established hives this winter so we can be self honey and wax producing by summer 2021.

What’s the BUZZ?!

“How can it be so good!?”

Diana of Blanca

“I eat it every single day, boost of energy in every bite.”

Honey enthusiast of the SLV

“I stopped using all other sweeteners except for honey 🍯 , and my doctor can’t seem to understand why my blood sugar went down. Ha. See for yourself.”


Thanks for buzzing by.

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