Deep Bed No-till Farming.

Deep Bed No-Till  Farming is the practice of  NOT tilling the soil and Earth once it is in place. This means no tractors, no tillers and no turning of the soil. Once in place, it stays there. Raking is about as labor intensive as it becomes in long-term maintenance.

No tilling saves fuel, time and most of all CARBON! Organic matter is the fuel for plant growth.

When I started these beds, it was the bare alluvial earth with lots of sand. Step one was building up the beds with locally collected beetle kill pine and aspen, drag it back to the Ranch and set it up. The first set of beds was done in 2015. The second stack was done this April 2018 with the help of the #VCSLV

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USDA No TILL is trying to get folks on board with no tilling.



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