The Geo Dome

“The Lab”

Snow is no match for the thermodynamics of a dome!

WCR’s 22 foot Geodesic dome was built in the spring of 2017 by Growing Spaces of Pagosa Springs Colorado.

The Dome or ” Lab” consist of a 900 gallon fresh water tank that has moving water 24/7. 2 self venting skylights, and 2 side self venting windows which allow air cirulation to regulate tempratures. Too hot the vents open, too cold they close.

The dome allows year round growing in an other wise very short growing period. Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day!

Having a “controlled “ environment gives me an edge, I will have tomatoes by July!

The GeoDome vents are based on numatic- hydrolics and oil pressure. A similar “primitve” system uses honey, as the liquid heats up it allows the vents to open. As it cools, it thickens and draws them closed. The Geo Dome vents are an excellent indicator for storms or fast shifting weather.

Hollyhocks grace the soil of the dome. Intense pinks against a green world!

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