Basil heals…check out how.

TREATMENTS USING BASIL Healing: Sharpen memory, use as a nerve tonic, and remove phlegm from your bronchial tubes. Repeat up to once an hour. Leaves can strengthen the stomach and induce perfuse sweating. The seeds can be used to rid the body of excess mucus. Fevers: Basil leaves are used for quenching fevers, especially those... Continue Reading →

Organic Farm: MOVING!

Wow! Life has been throwing lemons at me, and finally I caught one and planted the darn thing. Starting next week we will be moving several hundred plants to their new home atop an Organic certified Avocado farm nestled high in the hills of the Tuscan lands of Escondido. I will have pictures, stories and... Continue Reading →

California Farm Link

California Farm Link: Facilitate Farm Transfers leases and Purchase. California farmers 65 and older out number farmers under 35 -9:1 ( 2007 ag census) Conserve farmland: In California about 50,000 acres of good farming land are paved over annually. Small Farms increasing: in 2007 1-9 acres 25,200 farms 10-49 acres 25,200 farms. More people are... Continue Reading →

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