Change our minds, change our planet.

The human mind is an amazing thing, but often our urbanized lives shut its most basic components down to a sad state of survival, forcing us to rely on simple thoughts and mundane ideas about the world around us. Our own science demoralizes the power of its creativity by succumbing it to firing neurons and... Continue Reading →

Living with Chickens 2013…

I over heard a woman at the Farmers market say..."Chickens, they're a gateway animal to farm life!" I started raising Chickens  in the Spring of 2013. I moved and had to start over...building my second coop.

Seed Hoarding.

I have amassed a modest stock of seeds for my farmers ark. I'm always on the look out for rare and peculiar breeds of corn. Today I picked up several packets of jeweled corn and a very lusty looking 160 yr old heirloom sweet corn. ( My Grandpa would be proud) I LOVE corn, I... Continue Reading →

  Come out on 4.2.13 to have an open discussions about the new Farm Bill and what it means to local Organic San Diego farmers. Bring some thoughts to the table, more markets? Better access? Less cost for certifications? What we will and won't be 'allowed' to sell, grow or share.   Knowing your rights is only part... Continue Reading →

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