Mistletoe, seasons cure for cancer…

Not just for kissing... Anthroposophical medicine Main article: Anthroposophical medicine Steiner gave several series of lectures to physicians and medical students. Out of those grew a complementary medical movement, which now includes hundreds of M.D.s, chiefly in Europe and North America, and has its own clinics, hospitals, and medical schools.[1] One of the most studied applications has been... Continue Reading →

Basil heals…check out how.

TREATMENTS USING BASIL Healing: Sharpen memory, use as a nerve tonic, and remove phlegm from your bronchial tubes. Repeat up to once an hour. Leaves can strengthen the stomach and induce perfuse sweating. The seeds can be used to rid the body of excess mucus. Fevers: Basil leaves are used for quenching fevers, especially those... Continue Reading →

Bio-dynamic farming.

Integrating Bio-dynamic farming is going to be easier than I ever thought. Bio-dynamic farming is a pretty simple principle. *'Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition.' "Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that emphasizes the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants, and animals as a self-sustaining system.[1][2][3]... Continue Reading →

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