Farmers Markets here we come~

It's been a busy busy bee month! While my hands where away from the key board we got almost 1/4 acre planted, major steps set to beds on the slope and planted over 50 tomatoes, lettuce,basil, spinach and potatoes! Come check us out at the Farmers Market in City Heights! I'll be bringing fresh salad... Continue Reading →

Organic Seed Banking

Seed banking is when you collect your seeds from the years harvest to store and use for future crops. It isn't a new concept, farmers have been trading seeds for thousands of years. How do you think the Apple left Kazakhstan some turns of the moon ago? Or how cannabis comes to grow on every... Continue Reading →

Soil Capacity

Introduction: Soil is a reservoir for H20 Field capacity (FC) is the upper limit of water in the soil. Water stops. Saturation: Max H20, water is flowing freely through soil. Field capacity is expressed in in/ft or %. Used to help determine : Plant available water (PAW) FC is 25% by volume= with in 12'... Continue Reading →

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