Urban Organic Farming 101

Farming is much more work than folks think. At least in the beginning it can be back breaking, tiring, full filling, exhausting and empowering all at the same time. Most folks don't give it enough of a try, they have a few crop failures and they throw in the trowel and head back to the... Continue Reading →

Nematodes of doom.

Its been a while since I've written anything about my farming and that's because I've had a hell of a summer. And not in a good way. I lost 90% of my tomato crops to root nematodes. (Its been so bad I've been having NIGHTMARES about the damn buggers) Don't fret too horribly, (I've done... Continue Reading →

D.A.V and Archi’s Acres

In the fall of 2011, I attended the 6 week Farming course for Veterans and transitioning military ( Though we did have one civilian from Hawaii) at Archi's Acres in beautiful Valley center, CA with the gracious assistance of the D.A.V. The education and training I received from Archi's Acres helped mulch a bed of motivation and a path of... Continue Reading →

  Come out on 4.2.13 to have an open discussions about the new Farm Bill and what it means to local Organic San Diego farmers. Bring some thoughts to the table, more markets? Better access? Less cost for certifications? What we will and won't be 'allowed' to sell, grow or share.   Knowing your rights is only part... Continue Reading →

Chicken Midwife!

Well it took long enough,...ok 22 days. We have our first hatch! Isn't she cute? Darn thing decided a full moon and 0200 was a good time to start. Hatching chickens can be easy...or in my case, a bit stressful. Out of our 12, we have four chicks that survived high temps and low humidity.... Continue Reading →

Winter Lettuce

Winter is a great time to grow your favorite lettuce greens. One of my favorite types of big leaf lettuce is this lovely little leafed daisy. I started lettuce back in November and now I'm starting to get fat hardy red heads. I've got lettuce in several different mediums at the moment. Bucket system, EBB& Flow with agrigate and... Continue Reading →

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