The ‘Sexual’ Flower

'A' Sexual: Plants that can grow from 'cuttings' or 'cloning' with out male or female flowers. Only 1 parent. -Advantages of 'A' Sexual propagation. Clone of parent plant. Types: Vegetative Spores Cell division in single cell living organism. TYPES of A Sexual Propagation. Runners- Bulbs- Budding- Cuttings-Most common method of vegetative reproduction. Grafting- -Air layering'... Continue Reading →


Seeds are formed inside a FEMALE flower after pollination ( or Fruit). -When pollen is introduced to the flower, the egg becomes an embryo and form a hard shell. Seeds are cheap and available Most seeds prefer 70-80 deg. Not nutrient until second set of true leaves. Only plant seed twice the depth of the... Continue Reading →

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