Nematodes of doom.

Its been a while since I've written anything about my farming and that's because I've had a hell of a summer. And not in a good way. I lost 90% of my tomato crops to root nematodes. (Its been so bad I've been having NIGHTMARES about the damn buggers) Don't fret too horribly, (I've done... Continue Reading →


Nothing sets off a great salad like fresh picked tomatoes. Especially those from your own garden. These here in this picture are set up in bucket drip systems, Their roots sit in small clay stone ( lecca) and descended towards the water. A small hose pushing air up a tube sends water gently sprinkling over... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Tomato Production

Tomatoes demand the highest price: December -April. Tomatoes traditionally don't grow in the winter. Green house or hydro are the most common for local tomatoes out of season. Disease and pest causes: -1humidity -2Bad sanitation practices Ideal temps for tomatoes: Day-75-85F Night-60-70F Common green house heating: Polyethylene tubing, over head heating, propane, re-venting light air.... Continue Reading →

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