Chicken Midwife!

Well it took long enough,...ok 22 days. We have our first hatch! Isn't she cute? Darn thing decided a full moon and 0200 was a good time to start. Hatching chickens can be easy...or in my case, a bit stressful. Out of our 12, we have four chicks that survived high temps and low humidity.... Continue Reading →

Winter Lettuce

Winter is a great time to grow your favorite lettuce greens. One of my favorite types of big leaf lettuce is this lovely little leafed daisy. I started lettuce back in November and now I'm starting to get fat hardy red heads. I've got lettuce in several different mediums at the moment. Bucket system, EBB& Flow with agrigate and... Continue Reading →

California Farm Link

California Farm Link: Facilitate Farm Transfers leases and Purchase. California farmers 65 and older out number farmers under 35 -9:1 ( 2007 ag census) Conserve farmland: In California about 50,000 acres of good farming land are paved over annually. Small Farms increasing: in 2007 1-9 acres 25,200 farms 10-49 acres 25,200 farms. More people are... Continue Reading →

Filter Systems

Filter Systems: Automation saves labor!   Sand Media Filter:     Disk Filter: Effective, they are3D creating larger friction and surface area to snag more detritus.

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