H.R 5059

This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act’’ or the ‘‘Clay Hunt SAV ACT. Right now 22 American Veterans are contemplating their last days on this small planet. They gave up their freedom, time, personal ideals so they could in their beliefs, 'defend' our country. Now, pressed from... Continue Reading →

D.A.V and Archi’s Acres

In the fall of 2011, I attended the 6 week Farming course for Veterans and transitioning military ( Though we did have one civilian from Hawaii) at Archi's Acres in beautiful Valley center, CA with the gracious assistance of the D.A.V. The education and training I received from Archi's Acres helped mulch a bed of motivation and a path of... Continue Reading →

Farmers Markets here we come~

It's been a busy busy bee month! While my hands where away from the key board we got almost 1/4 acre planted, major steps set to beds on the slope and planted over 50 tomatoes, lettuce,basil, spinach and potatoes! Come check us out at the Farmers Market in City Heights! I'll be bringing fresh salad... Continue Reading →

Archi's Acres on Turning Point.

A 35 min short documentary on people who have changed their lives and those around them for the positive benefit of all. I was fortunate and blessed to have been able to attend V.S.A.T through a grant from the D.A.V. I spent 6 weeks learning the ends and outs of Organic Hydro-NFT-ponics with the amazing team at the Acres. Thank your Colin and Karen

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