The Barn.

White Crow Ranch SLV est 2015

We have two sites.

WCR in the San Luis Valley .Located just south of the tiny hamlet of Fort Garland, Colorado. Home of the “Lab”. Our 22ft Geo desic dome. Elevation 8500 ft.

WCR market garden in the Navajo Ranches just West of Walsenburg, Colorado. Elevation 7100ft.

We produce organic vegetable that are affordable, seasonal, and as fresh and local as possible.

We are a veteran owned and operated farm.

We offer free range pasture raised eggs from our flock of mixed breeds.

Come find us at the La Veta farmers market.

The market is Thursday from 1500-1700 every week until the second week of October.

  • Delicious
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Free delivery