Urban Organic Farming 101

Charity Farm March-0714
Organic lettuce

Farming is much more work than folks think. At least in the beginning it can be back breaking, tiring, full filling, exhausting and empowering all at the same time. Most folks don’t give it enough of a try, they have a few crop failures and they throw in the trowel and head back to the supermarket and become another cog in the machine of industry.

Gibson Houseboat Flwr garden
Gibson, British Columbia

But for those industrious enough, with gritt, no respect for failure and a drive to push, push push…will have the ultimate satisfaction of watching much ado about everything sprout from their yards, buckets, pots, planters fields, roof tops and house boats. (In Gibson British Columbia there is an entire section of house boat dedicated to gardens.)

To have the ability to create food from nothing, is a bit of deity defining moment in ones ego.

Once you get past the awesome feeling of god like powers, your humility kicks in as mother nature takes over leaving you to tend to the dirty work:

The planting, the weeding, watering, removing pest, harvest and tilling.

In may I will be sharing the stories of three individuals who rolled up their sleeves and answered the kitty gritty call of self sustainability. I want to shed light on their success and failures, showing that anyone, with the right attitude can change their lives and inexplicably that of their community and world.


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