H.R 5059

19779-custom-bumper-magnet-sticker-PTSD +Not+All+Wounds+Are+Visible
This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act’’ or the ‘‘Clay Hunt SAV ACT.
Right now 22 American Veterans are contemplating their last days on this small planet. They gave up their freedom, time, personal ideals so they could in their beliefs, ‘defend’ our country. Now, pressed from service, thousands upon thousands (2.5 Million since 2001 have been to Iraq) of sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen are returning home with a sense of loss, survivors guilt and shame. Many have families and loved one who offer ears of support, but their shoulders are NOT strong enough to carry the burdens of war seen.combat
This Clay Hunt act would give Military members faster and better access to the health care they already served to deserve. Days, weeks and even months can go by before a veteran has an evaluation.
This act also gives veterans going or currently attending school for  (see act for list) mental health a chance to participate in the pilot program as official Health Care services for returning military members.crisis

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