Chicken or the egg?

Organic white rice and a dozen eggs with dill and magnesium.
I started making this recipe during the fires this year. I wasn’t able to leave the property for almost nine days and was getting low on poultry feed.( Always have at least two months on hand.)
So I did some online research and made the perfect boost for my flock, and a snack for the dogs.
One dozen of your own eggs.
2.5 cups of white rice.

3 cups of water. ( egg will make up for rest)

Shredded carrot.

Tap of dried or fresh dill.

And a chunk of magnesium.

Bring water to rolling boil. Add rice. Let cook for a few minutes, add blended egg and cook for another five minutes.

Turn off heat.

Mix contents and let sit till puffy.

Let cool.

Feed generously to flock.

Published by CSBaker

Lead writer and art contributor. Master Jedi Farmer, Equine translator, and owner of White Crow Ranch SLV

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