Chicken or the egg?

Organic white rice and a dozen eggs with dill and magnesium. I started making this recipe during the fires this year. I wasn't able to leave the property for almost nine days and was getting low on poultry feed.( Always have at least two months on hand.) So I did some online research and made... Continue Reading →

What is a Veteran?

"Service doesn't end when we hang up our uniform. It ends when we hang up our boots and walk across the threshold of heaven." I've often asked myself this question while on my own journey to figure out. "Who the Hell I am!? And what do I do now?" A veteran, according to the web:... Continue Reading →

Reign of Spring

It has been a dry year here in the SLV. This winter we had less than a foot of snow all winter at the ranch. It has been windy too up wards to 75mph ! The chickens were not keen on the blast, nor the horses. Being Short on water is a historical issue here... Continue Reading →

Change our minds, change our planet.

The human mind is an amazing thing, but often our urbanized lives shut its most basic components down to a sad state of survival, forcing us to rely on simple thoughts and mundane ideas about the world around us. Our own science demoralizes the power of its creativity by succumbing it to firing neurons and... Continue Reading →

H.R 5059

This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act’’ or the ‘‘Clay Hunt SAV ACT. Right now 22 American Veterans are contemplating their last days on this small planet. They gave up their freedom, time, personal ideals so they could in their beliefs, 'defend' our country. Now, pressed from... Continue Reading →

Therapy Horses a Calming Influence on Veterans

Horses have the largest EMP heart aura in land mammals. They can be registered at 200 -500 feet away from the Horse. Some owners have told me they can feel their horse when they’re far away. So it doesn’t surprise me to read that veterans especially are doing so well with their Equine therapist. I will always prefer the company of a horse, to that of a person.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Brian MacQuarrie | Globe Staff

In Norfolk, female veterans find strength through learning to ride and care for horses

Veteran Eadyie Davis of Marlborough shared a quiet moment with therapy horse Creek. ~ Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff Veteran Eadyie Davis of Marlborough shared a quiet moment with therapy horse Creek. ~ Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

NORFOLK — Feet in the stirrups, hands on the reins, Karen Souza closes her eyes as a quarter horse named Rio carries her to a tranquil, peaceful place she has rarely visited.

Souza spent decades walled off emotionally after being sexually abused as a teenage soldier. She never formed a loving relationship, and she spoke only sparingly. But from that dark, bleak world, she has emerged to find a place of trust, and accomplishment, and the simple joy of working with a large, strong, patient animal.

Souza is one of several female veterans who exhale and relax once a week at the BINA Farm Center, where they learn basic horsemanship and riding skills…

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