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Understanding PTSD & relapse through equids

Understanding PTSD in humans has been a field of study for over 50 years. It was once called “shell shock” or “trench syndrome”.

Now the same thing that plagued my grandfather and myself is being understood through healing horses.

Equids & conditioned fear

Horses have the ability to heal humans, dogs anything with emotional trauma. Bring in their larger than life aura field is an amazing feeling. You can feel the calm radiating over ones body.

The pride and calm that comes from these beast transfers to the human, creating an embolus loop of spiritual and physical healing.

But what happens when the healer needs to be healed? Understanding the condition of fear is step one. As we as humans, come to help the equid; we’ve come to learn how to help ourselves through them.

Equids are prey animals. They have large eyes set in the side of their heads, long legs to move them over land quickly and efficiently.

Humans are predators.

We are upright, we use tools and we can can run for extended periods of time, wearing down our prey by chase. Our eyes are set forward, we have canines and independent digits on our hands. We can use tools and FIRE!

But somewhere along the way, the heavy breathing up right “human” made a long lasting companionship with the wolf, and the HORSE.

How does a predator and prey come to rely on each other? What could we possibly benefit from associating with a four legged tump roast?

Speed. Distance. Logistics.

The horse gave us freedom. Some will argue that the horse has only been part of our modern world for 10,000 yrs. I disagree. (That’s an entire blog on its own)

The relationship we have grown with the equids goes back much further than we as modern man are ready to admit.

But what happens when the horse and human enter the modern world? Our minds and bodies must adapt to a world we were once the masters, and queens of. Now, we are the serfs to technology.

War, poverty and the human condition spreads past the ghetto or big box grocery. It’s extending back to the source of our sanity, and destroying it.

Understanding where conditioned fears originates is how we as a species can come around, save ourselves and our planet.

Healing does not end with one, it leaps like a frog from one pad to the next.

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