Seeds are formed inside a FEMALE flower after pollination ( or Fruit).

-When pollen is introduced to the flower, the egg becomes an embryo and form a hard shell.

Seeds are cheap and available

Most seeds prefer 70-80 deg.

Not nutrient until second set of true leaves.

Only plant seed twice the depth of the diameter of the seed.

Generally a 3-6 week process to pop and bring seed to transplant.

Planting in the system:

When seedlings and plugs have been ‘hardened off’ they can be placed into system.

Generally takes a few days to adapt.

Light feeding for first week or two.

Warmer temps speed up growth.

Most seeds prefer 70-80 degreess. feeding second set of true leaves, 3-6 weeks.

Cloning fast process. genetic reproduction of mother plant.

Hardened off plants before putting them in ‘system’.

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