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Seed Hoarding.

I have amassed a modest stock of seeds for my farmers ark. I’m always on the look out for rare and peculiar breeds of corn. Today I picked up several packets of jeweled corn and a very lusty looking 160 yr old heirloom sweet… Continue Reading “Seed Hoarding.”

Dupont hires bounty hunters to chase down Farmers.

“GMO giants DuPont have contracted dozens of retired law enforcement officers to begin patrolling farms in the US next year to spot any potential intellectual property theft. DuPont Co, the second-largest seed country in the world, is hoping to find farmers that have purchased… Continue Reading “Dupont hires bounty hunters to chase down Farmers.”


Seeds are formed inside a FEMALE flower after pollination ( or Fruit). -When pollen is introduced to the flower, the egg becomes an embryo and form a hard shell. Seeds are cheap and available Most seeds prefer 70-80 deg. Not nutrient until second set… Continue Reading “Seeds”