Winter Lettuce

Winter lettuce
Winter lettuce

Winter is a great time to grow your favorite lettuce greens. One of my favorite types of big leaf lettuce is this lovely little leafed daisy.

I started lettuce back in November and now I’m starting to get fat hardy red heads.
I’ve got lettuce in several different mediums at the moment.

Bucket system, EBB& Flow with agrigate and Hydro Soil mix of my making.

So far my favorite method for growing lettuce has been by the bucket. The bucket isn’t economical if you are going to use it for farm to market, but it’s a FANTASTIC addition to any small personal garden.

When grown in the bucket I’ve found the leaves are thick and waxy. A good quality in lettuce. That’s what gives it that ‘CRUNCH’ factor. Fresh juicy lettuce veins filled with yummy converted sunshine.

*Lettuce and sunflowers are both part of the Asteraceae family, one of the most diverse and largest families of flowering plants. Many of the members of this family are grown as food crops, including lettuce and Jerusalem artichokes. Others are considered ornamental, including asters, daisies and marigolds. This family also includes medicinal flowering plants such as chamomile and plants that are used to produce oils used in cooking, such as the sunflower and safflower plants.


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