Hola, Me llamo Silkie.

Salsa Silkie
Salsa Silkie

Meet the Silkie,  sweet egg laying little hen that loves to be cuddled by people.

(My sister’s South Western flare on a Japanese Chicken.)

I’m getting my very first clutch of eggs today. And I’ve been doing a lot of prep work before I bring these egg-lets to their new roost.

I’ve raised parrots, Budgies, ducks and pigeons so I figured I’d give chickens a crack. What have I learned in my preparation? Like a garden you need to do your planning before you plant.

Step one: Read, read and read some more on chickens. My site of choice has been BACKYARD CHICKENS.

Step two: Start gathering your supplies.

  • 1 styrofoam cooler (You can use a plastic one if you are willing to cut holes in it.
  • 1 typical wall picture frame with glass or plastic
  • 1 25 watt lightbulb
  • 1 lamp or light that the bulb fits into
  • roll of duct tape
  • a digital thermometer and humidity reader. Can be bought at walmart for 8 dollars
  • a small bowl and sponge for water
  • Some chicken or fence wire. The type with 1/4 inch squares is perfect (optional)
10 Silkie Egglets
10 Silkie Egglets

Step three:  Locate a good source of fertile local eggs. 

Step four :   Get your eggs home and safe in their new nest. Now you will be turning these little lovelies three times a day for 18 days. :}

Age of Poultry (feathered) Chick Degrees in
1st Week 90 – 95*1
2nd Week 85 – 90
3rd Week 80 – 85
4th Week 75 – 80
5th Week 70 – 75
6th Week + 70*2

Here is a basic temp chart to help you out.

As I go along I’ll post and update pictures of the incubator, brooder and their coop with scratching ‘patio’.

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