The Cost of Egg production.

The average cost for organic pasture- raised- free-range dozen chicken eggs are 4.99-12.99$ Nationally. It is a real surprise when you start looking through your grocery stores egg selection. You have everything from a 36 pack of full factory chicken eggs at 2.99$ yes it's cheap, it's even subsidized by the US department of AG.... Continue Reading →

Living with Chickens 2013…

I over heard a woman at the Farmers market say..."Chickens, they're a gateway animal to farm life!" I started raising Chickens  in the Spring of 2013. I moved and had to start over...building my second coop.

Chicken Midwife!

Well it took long enough,...ok 22 days. We have our first hatch! Isn't she cute? Darn thing decided a full moon and 0200 was a good time to start. Hatching chickens can be easy...or in my case, a bit stressful. Out of our 12, we have four chicks that survived high temps and low humidity.... Continue Reading →

Hola, Me llamo Silkie. Meet the Silkie,  sweet egg laying little hen that loves to be cuddled by people. (My sister's South Western flare on a Japanese Chicken.) I'm getting my very first clutch of eggs today. And I've been doing a lot of prep work before I bring these egg-lets to their new roost. I've raised parrots, Budgies, ducks and pigeons so... Continue Reading →

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