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The Cost of Egg production.

The average cost for organic pasture- raised- free-range dozen chicken eggs are 4.99-12.99$ Nationally.

It is a real surprise when you start looking through your grocery stores egg selection. You have everything from a 36 pack of full factory chicken eggs at 2.99$ yes it’s cheap, it’s even subsidized by the US department of AG.

Eggs aren’t cheap, at least good eggs aren’t.

Most store eggs are over 30 days old and have trekked hundreds if not thousands of miles to reach your shelf. Those eggs, come from sad chickens. Very… sad. No day light, no room to stretch, peck or dirt bathe.

And you are consuming those very same stress hormones that little hen is dropping every day.

What the cluck can you do about it? Shop locally, get to know your neighbors and farms.

Fresh eggs being boiled up for fire fighters during spring fire 2018
I maintain a higher quality of care for my flock of 25 laying hens. Their feed is 100% Certified Organic and non-GMO. I converted to all clean feed after bugging the manager at our local feed store for weeks on end. Now they carry the largest selection of organic certified feed! A must for the CNG farmer.
There are no antibiotics or hormones! We use oils, and herbs to maintain health, and even treat injuries.
Factory farm has an average of 1500 birds in an area less than an acre.
So-called “Free range” factories don’t use cages but rather lock their birds in large huts with simulated light, where hundreds of birds lay dead and dying on the floor and go unnoticed until that particular building of birds are hauled out for slaughter because they are “too old”!
 So the next time you start to complain and whine about the cost of eggs at your local farmers market, think about the work it takes to maintain a small farm and flock.
Constant daily dedication. I don’t get to take “days off”, I work 365 days a year, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall to guarantee I have the best quality produce and eggs because of the dedication.
Our little flock gets greens and herbs out of our geodome. During the summer they get the greens from the garden.


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