End of the season.

Sunday was our last day for the summer market in Blanca. The hard chargers who braved the new market from the beginning stood with the wind and the fall sunshine on the tree filled grounds.

Those who remained recounted their sales, counted their new friends and began to plan for the fall and winter festivals.

I was reflecting on the awesome and strange that came to our small, humble yet diverse open market.

A Night Jar landed on my canopy, and to the mystical surprised everyone, hung out while we hustled our wares.

While much of my outdoor season was done save for the potatoes, summer squash, some greens and bolito beans the dome is still in full swing.

While our season here is at a close you can always email me @

Whitecrowranchslv@gmail.com To join our beeswax updates and CSA. You can also find our eggs, seasonal produce and herbs at Cids in Taos New Mexico.Cids food market

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