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  • Deep winter bedding

    Deep compost bedding for chickens is so far one of the most efficient ways to keep a flock warm and comfortable over cold winters. For the sake of ease I will refer to “deep compost bedding” as DCB. We started DCB in our coop several winters ago after having a heck of a time controlling […]

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  • Wintering Bees

    Wintering bees is always a challenge, but isn’t rocket science! Bees are originally from warm climates but have adapted to live even in the coldest of places, like Southern Colorado! Most large bee keeping operations have shipped their buzzing friends off to warmer lands where the Queens of each colony will keep laying with no […]

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  • Let nature do the rest.

    Fall is when the great Mother settles for her time of rest over the long cold of winter. Soil regenerates and the worms sleep. We don’t pull up the stocks of any of the plants, we let the birds pick the last of the seeds and the roots die off naturally, giving back every bit […]

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  • BEES 🐝!!!

    I installed my first package of bees back in May! I’ve got a funny little Hive made by Summer Hawk. It is cute, and smaller than the standard Langsworth. (Smaller by 2 inches!$) but it serves its purpose. Housing my bees. I got the hive back in 2018. But it sat empty for almost two […]

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  • Yogi Bear is a jerk, and so is Boo Boo.

    Most humans will rarely encounter a bear. And that is a good thing. Here in the southern Colorado Rockies we have the Native Black bear. Now don’t be fooled by the coloration in the name. Black bears can be white, blond or in the case with my two stooges, an adult cinnamon with a shoulder […]

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  • There be Bears…

    Life in the mountains is serene, a disconnection from the over modernization of our world. Clean air, blue skies and open land… comes with a price.

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  • End of the season.

    Sunday was our last day for the summer market in Blanca. The hard chargers who braved the new market from the beginning stood with the wind and the fall sunshine on the tree filled grounds. Those who remained recounted their sales, counted their new friends and began to plan for the fall and winter festivals. […]

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  • Colorado Proud

    WCRSLV joined the Proud list of Colorado businesses producing goods right here in the Rocky Mountain States!

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  • Last Wilds of Colorado

    When I moved to the San Luis Valley almost five years ago it was an open wild place with horses roaming as they had for the last 10,000 years. Elk , deer and antelope once played plentiful on these lands. Now 5 years later I’m seeing unabated and devastating growth that is adversely altering the […]

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