Let nature do the rest.

Fall is when the great Mother settles for her time of rest over the long cold of winter. Soil regenerates and the worms sleep.

Pumpkins finish ripening in the cold nights and warm days.

We don’t pull up the stocks of any of the plants, we let the birds pick the last of the seeds and the roots die off naturally, giving back every bit of their nutrients as possible from the decaying roots and plant material. Chipmunks nibble on the sunflower sticks, and the migratory birds stop over at our small pond to refuel before continuing south.

The weather has been amazing since the storm, pushed and held over the Rockies by the heat of California’s fires. We got nine inches of snow, temperatures dropped 60 degrees in 24 hrs and had 65-70mph winds on 9.9.20.

It was great for our dry creeks and mountains, but hell for the farmers. We buried what we couldn’t harvest under a foot of straw and covered the berries with weed block.

After the pounding 💨 wind, and snow all that was left was the lettuce and berries.

The bees made out just fine, confused by happy on the next sunny day!

Two days later the ladies are out in force to hit what’s left out in the fields.

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