White Crow Ranch SLV Southern Colorado

True sucess is to refrain from imitation.

Meet the flock

A mixed bag of chickens.

It is spring here at the farm and the ladies are in full laying swing. We get blue eggs, green eggs, white,brown speckled and beige. Most of them weigh around 2 Oz. The biggest layer drops a 3oz egg and our smallest flock member, Phillis lays a cute little egg coming in at just half an Oz.

This time of year I don’t need to supplement the ladies with extra bug feed because the critters are abundant in our compost and flying wild around the farm. But in the winter when the days are short and cold I make sure they get all the extra protein they need by using dried grubs.

The chicken equivalent to space food. (Kinda like freeze dried ice cream.)There are different kinds and brands out there. Some are more expensive than others and varying in quality. So far, Fly Grubs and Black fly larvae have proved to be the most beneficial.

The flock sees the box and comes running!

I give them as treats in the warm season, or as bribery when I need to get them back to the chicken run in a hurry. All in all, having the extr protein gives them rich orange yokes with a clean taste. None of that sulphuric after taste you get from birds housed in conventional farms. Hard shells and deep thick yokes are what we want!

Our flock is free range and pasture run when the weather is good! If you want to try it out for yourself, hit the FlyGrub button below!

Your ladies will thank you!

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